Case Study in Mapandan,Pangasinan on BM3 (Beneficiary Self-Monitoring Tool)


BM3 performs as a strategic social accountability tool in i-Pantawid. BM3 functions as a catch-all tool that can simultaneously measure the gap in the performance of service providers in delivering the entitlements of beneficiaries (benefit gap), as well as the compliance of beneficiaries with their co-responsibilities (compliance gap).As a self-monitoring and self-assessment tool, BM3 also bestows to beneficiaries the power of evidence and confidence to engage constructively with service providers to resolve “benefit gap” issues. This change in behavior is a measure of beneficiary empowerment. Yet BM3 has a very low fill-up rate. This case study examines how to improve fill-up rate and timely submission of BM3 and how it can be made more useful and meaningful – that is, increase the value of BM3 — to beneficiaries as an empowerment tool.

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