Synopsis of the Project: Fostering Effective Partnership for Good Governance — Strengthening and Expansion of CCAGG Partners and Replication of Community-Based Monitoring in Region I and CAR, 2nd Sem. 2009

This United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)-assisted project focused on capability building for the CCAGG partners and volunteers whose solemn interest is to get involved in monitoring government infrastructure projects.  The undertaking also sought to raise public awareness in the implementation of government projects in their localities.  The CCAGG’s thrust on good governance with the shared desire of its partners led to its conceptualization.

Another component of the project was the conduct of writeshops to document and package five case studies involving people’s experiences in good governance.  These experiences during the early years of CCAGG were testimonies of active grassroots participation in governance by way of vigilant project monitoring.

As part of the capacitation component and to foster closer partnership and linkage with other groups, the CCAGG conducted a series of trainings, workshops cum practicum on actual project inspection.  Coordination meetings and project briefings were held with partners to include among others the Abra Multi-Sectoral Group (AMSG), the Northern Luzon Coalition for Good Governance (NLCGG), the Kalinga Religious Sector Association (KARSA), the Community Volunteers Missioners (CVM) of Baguio-Benguet, the Diocesan Youth Ministry (DYM), the Abra Students Federation for Peace (ASFP), and other student and community groups.  There were also new partners from Region 2 (Cagayan Valley) and Region 1 (Ilocos), namely: the Episcopal Diocese of Santiago City in Isabela province; the Peoples’ Alliance for Justice, Democracy and Good Governance (PAJDGG) and the Responsible Citizens, Empowered Communities and Solidarity for Social Change (RECITE) of Urdaneta City in Pangasinan.

This partnership of civil society organizations from the Cordilleras and Regions I and II grew and became the Northern Luzon Coalition for Good Governance (NLCGG).  They were actively involved in anti-corruption campaigns and monitoring of government projects.  Consequently, implementation of government projects improved.

The CCAGG Chairperson, Ms. Pura Sumangil, was also elected as NLCGG Chair.

This undertaking was implemented in partnership with the Philippine Government through the Civil Service Commission (CSC) from June to December 2009.